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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Applet Search Spec – Interview Question.

This is the variation of the question that I had earlier posted and it is also related to Search Spec but this time it is conflicting Search Spec on Applets that come into picture. Question I have a view with two applets one list on top [Applet 1] and one form at bottom [Applet 2]… Continue Reading

UNDO CHECK OUT VS GET- Interview Question

Details about check-in and check out can be read in following section In this post I will just be answering the question What is the difference between UNDO CHECK OUT and GET? As this is a subjective answer so I will write my usual disclaimer 😉 The views expressed in this post are mine… Continue Reading

Link Specification–Interview Question.

Link specification is a property in business component field object. This is a common question asked in interview about the purpose of this property. The question can be What is the use of Link Specification property at Field object?   Answer:

How To Setup Siebel Development Environment ?

As I was talking to a friend he said he was asked a question in an interview “How to Setup Siebel Development Environment?” I guess it is a pretty generic question and everybody will have its own answer. But I would like to give it a thought from interviewer’s perspective.

DataSource and CFG File – Interview Question.

Question: While logging in Siebel dedicated client, data source options shows ‘local’ by default, how can you change it? Strange question isn’t it. I know when I read that question I thought what a simple question. But when I asked this question to some people they were unable to tell the answer then I realized… Continue Reading

Position and Responsibility relationship – Interview Question

Here goes another one. An important question (every question asked in an interview is important isn’t it ) involving quite a few important entities in Siebel such as Position and Responsibilities. This question can come in variety of ways I am just giving a single question, but other flavors might be exist What kind of… Continue Reading

Search Specification on Applet and BC– Interview Question.

This is a pretty popular and interesting question. I guess anybody who knows Siebel architecture (Layered Architecture not Server Architecture) properly should be able to answer it. But truth is that most of the people I have interviewed have given a wrong answer of this question. Even people have 2 years of experience have got… Continue Reading