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Monthly Archives: January 2009

What is difference between Link and Join?

Links and Joins have following  differences Relationship:   Joins: Joins are configured between a Business Component and a table. Links: Links are configured between 2 Business Components. They represent Parent Child relationship

How can we call workflow process synchronously through scripting ?

There can be several variations to the above questions such as How can one call a Workflow synchronously from a script without using Business Service: Workflow Process Manager? What are various ways business services that we can use to call a workflow process in scripting? The Answer to the above question is

Is ST better than T engine? Is it better to typecast variables as in ST? If Yes, why?

Before giving the answer I would like to provide some information about ST engine ST stands for Strongly Typed. This is a new scripting engine introduced by Siebel and is available since Siebel 7.7 version. This is default scripting engine for Siebel 8.0 Now, for the answers of the questions

What do you understand by the term XML Doc?

XML Doc is a XML String containing actual data. We use EAI XML Converter Business service to get XML Doc. In Siebel Inbound Integration we get data in XML string form and in Outbound Integration we send data as XML string. This XML string is referred as XML Doc