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How to enable a particular child entity?

Question: When Service Request status is set to “Closed” then everything including all the child entities of Service Request should become read only but user should still be able to attachments. OR When SR status is set to “Close” all the child entities except “Service Request Attachments” should become read only.

Make record editable for some and read only for some?

There are lot of variations of this question such as: There are two type of users, sales user and risk user. The Differentiating factor between them is User Type in Employee table. How can we configure that for risk user the records are editable and for sales user it is not. How can a view… Continue Reading

What is difference between Siebel Browser Script and Server Script?

Execution Context: Siebel Server Scripts are executed in Siebel Application Servers by Application Object Manager (AOM). Siebel Browser Scripts are executed at Client Side by Client Browser (Internet Explorer) Files: Siebel Browser Scripts are converted in JS (Java Script) files and stored in PUBLIC\ENU directory. No JS files are created for Server Scripts and they… Continue Reading

How to invoke Smart Script on click of a button?

We can invoke Smart Script from a button using “RunCallScript” method of an Applet. For Example on Applet_PreInvokeMethod below given line of code will invoke Smart Script named “Test SS”

difference between External and Internal IO?

Following are the differences between Internal and External Integration Objects

Picklist values not showing

Question: What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

What is the Use of Providing BusObject in the Workflows?

Business Objects in workflows help you maintain the context and use Siebel Operation Steps inside workflows. You will not be able to use Siebel Query, Insert, Update step if you don’t provide Business Object in Siebel Workflows.

Populate field value with another field value

Question: How to pupolate a field with the value of another field whenever a new record is created for the first time? Answer:

Siebel EAI Scenario question – 2

Question: We are receiving an XML containing account information from external system. In one of the XML tags “Active” they are going to send Value as 0 or 1 but in Siebel we are need the value of “Active” XML tag as “Y” or “N”. How can you achieve this?

EAI Scenario Question – 1

We are getting a XML from external System. We want to make sure that the record is inserted every time. If there is already an existing record in Siebel then nothing should happen. Or When we get an XML from external System. If a record with received data is not present in Siebel then it… Continue Reading