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How to enable a particular child entity?

Question: When Service Request status is set to “Closed” then everything including all the child entities of Service Request should become read only but user should still be able to attachments. OR When SR status is set to “Close” all the child entities except “Service Request Attachments” should become read only.

Make record editable for some and read only for some?

There are lot of variations of this question such as: There are two type of users, sales user and risk user. The Differentiating factor between them is User Type in Employee table. How can we configure that for risk user the records are editable and for sales user it is not. How can a view… Continue Reading

Picklist values not showing

Question: What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

Populate field value with another field value

Question: How to pupolate a field with the value of another field whenever a new record is created for the first time? Answer:

What is difference between Incremental Compile and Full Compile?

Incremental Compile: When we select a single object (BC, Applet etc), several objects (Multiple BC, Applets, BO etc), single project or several projects to compile in an existing SRF file that is known as Incremental Compile. Full Compile: When you compile all the projects in a SRF file that is known as Full Compile.

What are different types of toggle applets available in siebel?

There are two types of toggle applet available in Siebel: Static Toggle Applet: Which provides ability to user to manually select the applet that he wants to see from a dropdown list. Dynamic Toggle Applet: In which applets are changed automatically based on a field value.

What are different types of tables in Siebel?

Tables in Siebel can be broadly classified into two types Repository Tables Data Tables

What is difference between Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist?

Purpose of both the Picklists is similar, to restrict or constraint the values of child Picklist based on the value of parent but we need to do different configuration to implement them. The only reason I can think of using Constraint over Hierarchical Picklists is due to a limitation of Hierarchical Picklist showing all the… Continue Reading

What will happen if I provide value in both Pre-Default and Post-Default properties?

I will try to explain the answer with the help of an example of  “Status” field. We will assume the following values have been given for Pre-Default and Post-Default properties of Status Field Pre-Default Value:  “In Process” Post-Default Value:  “Complete” Following are the scenarios which can take place:

What is difference between Link and Join?

Links and Joins have following  differences Relationship:   Joins: Joins are configured between a Business Component and a table. Links: Links are configured between 2 Business Components. They represent Parent Child relationship