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What is difference between Siebel Browser Script and Server Script?

Execution Context: Siebel Server Scripts are executed in Siebel Application Servers by Application Object Manager (AOM). Siebel Browser Scripts are executed at Client Side by Client Browser (Internet Explorer) Files: Siebel Browser Scripts are converted in JS (Java Script) files and stored in PUBLIC\ENU directory. No JS files are created for Server Scripts and they… Continue Reading

What is the use of return(CancelOperation)?

return(CancelOperation) statement is used to send the control back to Siebel or in other words to stop the normal flow of execution of script of a particular event. This statement is mandatory if we are defining a custom method. For example:

How can we call workflow process synchronously through scripting ?

There can be several variations to the above questions such as How can one call a Workflow synchronously from a script without using Business Service: Workflow Process Manager? What are various ways business services that we can use to call a workflow process in scripting? The Answer to the above question is