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difference between External and Internal IO?

Following are the differences between Internal and External Integration Objects

Siebel EAI Scenario question – 2

Question: We are receiving an XML containing account information from external system. In one of the XML tags “Active” they are going to send Value as 0 or 1 but in Siebel we are need the value of “Active” XML tag as “Y” or “N”. How can you achieve this?

EAI Scenario Question – 1

We are getting a XML from external System. We want to make sure that the record is inserted every time. If there is already an existing record in Siebel then nothing should happen. Or When we get an XML from external System. If a record with received data is not present in Siebel then it… Continue Reading

What is a VBC?

VBC stands for Virtual Business Component. Important features describing VBC are as following:

What do you understand by the term XML Doc?

XML Doc is a XML String containing actual data. We use EAI XML Converter Business service to get XML Doc. In Siebel Inbound Integration we get data in XML string form and in Outbound Integration we send data as XML string. This XML string is referred as XML Doc