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Interview questions related to siebel workflows

What is the Use of Providing BusObject in the Workflows?

Business Objects in workflows help you maintain the context and use Siebel Operation Steps inside workflows. You will not be able to use Siebel Query, Insert, Update step if you don’t provide Business Object in Siebel Workflows.

Updating Multiple Records via Workflow

I am back with an interesting interview question that I have been asking in past few interviews that I have taken and surprisingly nobody has been able to answer it correctly. It is quite a simple question and answer is even simpler but people are just not aware of it. Question: Create a workflow that… Continue Reading

Different methods of invoking workflow ?

Question: What is difference between invoking a workflow through: Run Process on the Server “(Administration – Server Management > Jobs)” Run process using business service “Workflow Process Manager (Server Request)”  Run process in application object manager using business service “Workflow Process Manager” Answer:

What is the difference between End Step and Stop Step in Workflow?

Purpose: Stop steps are used to raise an error to User and terminate workflow process. End Step is used to mark the end of workflow.

How is exception handling done in Workflows?

We have to use connector of Type “Error Exception” to handle exceptions in workflow. Exception Connectors are shown in red color in Workflow Process Designer Palate (You can change the color though). So, be sure to check the “Type Field” of the connecter.  It should be “Error Excpetion”