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What is difference between Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist?

Purpose of both the Picklists is similar, to restrict or constraint the values of child Picklist based on the value of parent but we need to do different configuration to implement them.

The only reason I can think of using Constraint over Hierarchical Picklists is due to a limitation of Hierarchical Picklist showing all the values including child Picklist values.

Basic difference between Hierarchical and Constraint Picklist is as following:

Business Component:

Hierarchical Picklist (HPL): Business Component for HPL is Picklist Hierarchical
Constraint Picklist (CPL): Business Component for CPL is Picklist Generic


HPL: You will see all the values in Parent Picklist including Child Picklist Values
CPL: As both the parent and child fields have different Picklists associated there is no overlapping of values


HPL: Same LOV is used for Parent as well as Child Picklist Field and Parent LIC field is used to establish a parent and child relationship
CPL: Different LOV is used for Parent and Child Fields.

  • Sandeep

    Hi neel,

    can you please explain in detial with the steps of configuring HPL and CPL.


  • Raj

    One quick point,

    The constrain picklist is not based on Picklist Generic. Its a dynamic picklist which is constrained based on the value in other picklist.

    Typical example

    Quotes – associate Account with it – and in contact you will see the contacts associated with that account.

    The picklist in the contact last name is a constrain picklist which is constrained based on the accout selected for quotes.

  • metallican

    hi i’m newbie , are these questions really asked already in any interviews….

  • wasim

    Dear Neel,

    Even we can use the same BC for picklist Hierarchial i.e. Picklist generic..I have used and it worked.


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    Hi Neel,
    Pls post updated interview questions in the forum. Hope it was too long since you posted the updated questions. :)


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