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What is difference between Link and Join?

Links and Joins have following  differences

Joins: Joins are configured between a Business Component and a table.
Links: Links are configured between 2 Business Components. They represent Parent Child relationship Cardinality:
Joins: Joins have 1:1 & M:1 cardinality.
Links: Links have 1:M & M:M cardinality.
Joins: Joins are configured as child properties of a BC.
Links: Links are created through Link Object in Siebel tools and they are referenced in Business Objects and Multivalue Links (MVL) to establish parent child relationship.
Joins: A Service Request can only have a single owner. So a Join is created in the Service Request BC to pull the owner information from the S_USER.
Links: An Account can have multiple Addresses. A link between BC: Account & BC: Business Address reflects this 1:M relationship.

  • vishnu

    hai in addition to this we can have
    Joins: The source and destination fields for the join foreign key and primary key.
    Link: The source and destination fields for the Link is primary key and foreign key.

  • Amu

    Just to add to Vishnu`s comment:

    In a join, the Destination Column : Primary key (ROW_ID) is of the joined table and the Source Field : Foreign key on base BC

    In a Link, The Source Field is the id of the Parent BC, and the Destination Field is the FK in the child BC

    Hope I got it right 😛

  • Dennis Anthony


    This is one portal which has helped me gain a lot of confidence in what I work in Siebel. I have always had confusion in understand some of the basic concepts which I got clarified in very simple and understandable language.