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Make record editable for some and read only for some?

There are lot of variations of this question such as:

  1. There are two type of users, sales user and risk user. The Differentiating factor between them is User Type in Employee table. How can we configure that for risk user the records are editable and for sales user it is not.
  2. How can a view be read only for a particular user and editable for the other user?

But in short we need to answer how to make a view read for some users and editable for some users.


Create two responsibilities named Sales_User and Risk_User. Assign the view to both responsibilities and for Risk_User responsibility make “Read Only View” flag as true.

Now add sales users to Sales_User Responsibility and Risk Users to Risk_User Responsibility. Now for Risk_User records will be read only and for Sales user records will be editable.

  • Bejoy

    The Question says “Make [b]record[/b] editable for some and read only for some?” not [b]View[/b]

    To make a record read only follow the below steps.

    1. Add the Type field as a join from S_EMP_PER to the Personalization Profile BC as a field. This will set a profile attrib everytime user login.
    2. Make a calculated field in the actual record BC to check if the profile attrib says its a Sales User or Risk User. The calculated field should return a Y OR N. Depending on for which user you want to set record to be read only. In this case for Risk User it should return Y.
    3. Create a BC Read only user prop and add this calculated field to the value.

    This will make the record read only for Risk User and editable for Sales User.

    • Rama Ibm

      other way for avoiding Personalization Profile, you can write a small piece of code in the Application Event (Application_Start)- you can search for the user belong to which group by doing a search based on employee BC or based on his responsibility under (User Registration-Responsibities BC)  and you can set a profile attribute which can driven in the whole application.

      PS : bad thing is scripting

      Just a suggestion..

  • neel

    I was under impression that view read only will result in record read only also…. isn’t that case ????

    • Bejoy

      View read only would make the entire view read only i.e. child, grand child and all other applets. I dont think the above question is to make the entire View Read only. If the question is for the entire view, then it shouldn’t say “Record” should be “View” rather.

      Its one of the questions I ask during the interviews…;-)…

      • neel

        You do have point :)

  • Cherry

    when i click mvg or dpl its take more time for open in confic how to resolve it……