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Picklist values not showing

Question: What are possible reasons of values not showing in dropdown of static Picklist?

Answer: The possible reason which could result in Picklist values not showing are

  1. PickMap is not defined for Field which is showing Picklist values
  2. LOV Type and LOV Values are not defined
  3. Runtime Flag on Applet level is not true.
  4. You have not clicked on Clear Cache after adding the values and trying to see values in same session.

If any of the above mentioned reason is true then you will not see the values in the dropdown of field

  • Abdallah Abdelsalam

    My be the picklist is not compiled on the running SRF file πŸ˜‰

  • Pri


    I am using siebel 8.1.1 i have created Hierarchical Picklist . I have checked all above steps but still i am no getting values in Picklist.


    • Kpremchand

      You should change picklist bc also,PickList Hierarchical AND PickList Hierarchical Sub-Area

  • AFouad

    set list column or control Runtime property to TRUE

  • Siebel

    Check whether you have mentioned pick map for the pick list field or not?

  • η·šδΈŠθ‹±ζ–‡ε­ΈηΏ’

    Thanks for this good info. I have stumbled it and will soon tell the rest of my online network know. They without a doubt should consider it as informative as myself.

  • Anonymous

    Im a fresher to siebel, can any body help me, when i created and simulating a workflow i am receiving an error “the client cannot be started and hence, the workflow simulation cannot be performed.(SBL-DEV-61071). what should i do to over come this error.

  • Dmitry Grinenko

    This post helped me to solve problem with pick list values not showing. Thanks a lot. Very helpful post.