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Populate field value with another field value


How to pupolate a field with the value of another field whenever a new record is created for the first time?


Use Post Default Value property of the field using experssion to populate its value with another field value.


To populate value of  field “Sub Status” with value in field “Status” I would use  below given expression in Post Default value of “Sub Status” Field

Field: 'Status'

You can read more details about Post and Pre Default Properties from the link given below

  • Harsha

    Will this work when we change the value and save the same record second time.

  • Devu Nair

    postdefault value is only assigned to an empty field when the record gets written to the database. If we change the value and save the same record secong time means that changed value gets eflected instead of the postdefault value.


  • Shiv Prateek

    I am still not clear how its going to work for 2 fields in the same BC as at the time of new record event both must be blank .

  • Gurdeep

    I tried the above configuration and it worked for me but with a twist in the tale.
    I could not see siebel copy a field value from ‘another’ field value(say status when a new household is created) ONLY when Field:Status is set as Post default value in the ‘another’ field.

    It worked for me when i did set the Field:Status in the pre default property of required field.

    Prateek here is an example for you:
    Set status field with predefault value (Expr: “Lookupvalue(“”picklist_type””,””Active””)”) coming from a defined picklist (Active, Inactive, confirmed).
    Set another field (Say type), pre default value as Field:Status.
    When a new record is created, status and ‘another’ field will be automatically populated with status as “Active”

  • SiebWork

    Post default value works at the time of write Record not new record.i think it should be done by setting some value in pre default value and then populating tat to other field.

  • U Brahmendra

    •How do you control data through position?

  • Brahmendra

    How to implement M:M relation

  • 17octashish

    We can do this using a BC user property, OnfieldUpdateSet

  • Braja

    Guys, Thanks…

    I have a question::

    Suppose, there are two pick list field Type and name.

    Type field having pick values “A”,”B”,”C” and Name field having values “Gurdeep”,”Harsha”,”Braja”.

    When i select Type as A, Name should come as “Harsha”,

    for Type as B, Name should come as “Gurdeep”,

    for Type as C, Name should come as “Braja”

    How can we solve this ????