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Position and Responsibility relationship – Interview Question

Here goes another one.

An important question (every question asked in an interview is important isn’t it ) :) involving quite a few important entities in Siebel such as Position and Responsibilities. This question can come in variety of ways I am just giving a single question, but other flavors might be exist :)

What kind of relationship exists between Position and Responsibilities?

It is a question that requires a subjective answer, and answer can vary from person to person. I will try to give answer to the above question(s) but before that I would like to give a disclaimer.

The views presented in this post are mine and only mine. No person dead or living has anything to do with it. Please use the answer in interview at your own risk and if somebody is offended by it or feels differently he is free to express his views by the way of comments in this post :)

Answer or Explanation

There is no direct relationship between Responsibility and Position.
The indirect relationship between Responsibility and Position is of Visibility. Both of them drive Visibility in Siebel.

  • Responsibility restricts access to particular view so that user cannot see those views.
  • Position restricts access to particular set of data.

So, as a result both are used to limit visibility of users of application.

After discussing with my friends and colleges about this question I am getting a feeling that I am putting my hand in a bee nest but I think this could end up as a new learning to me and for all.

So guys I beg you to tell me your views what do you think about this question so that this post can become the new answer for all of us.

  • java

    What kind of relationship exists between Position and Responsibilities?

    Exact answer to this question is : No Relation ship between view and responsibilty as both are not realted to each other.

  • suresh

    I can put it the answer in other way. there is no direct relation ship between responsibilities and and positions. And positions are related to the employees(1:M) and responsibilities also related to the Employess(1:M).

  • vijay r s

    Suresh, I think the relation between positions and employees is M:M (an employee can have more one positions) and same is applied in case of responsibilities n employess.

    And there is no relationship between position n responsibility

    hope im right :)

  • Soj

    though the relationship betwen position and employee and responsibility and empolyee is M:M. It indicates that we have an indirect relationship between the two via employee.Which we can very well see over the User-Administration >> Employees screen.

    Guess it was the vaguest relationship that i could make!![:D]

  • sunita

    There is no direct relationship between position and resonsibilty.. that is true.
    The relation between responsibilty and employees is both 1:M or 1:1 and M:M. It is 1:M when we consider in high level in heirachy of an organization and it is M:M when it is in middle or lower level. example: For CEO of organization the ralationship is 1:1. when we consider VC of sales it is 1:M. i.e, a single person can be VC of two territories, in the absence of the other territory VC.
    When it comes to sales reps it can be M:M depending on the tasks they get.

    Coming to Position and Employees it can be 1:1 or 1:M. in top level it is 1:1. In middle or down levels it is 1:M


    • Venkat

      I guess, your wrong for the relationship defination for Responsibility and Employee. Responsibility DRIVE the Visibility of View. whether the view can be seen by a person or not all together, for example Opportunity View is assiged to responsibility called ‘Sales’, this responsibilty has to be there for CEO, VP, and sales rep, but who see what data is defined and driven by position in the company structure. But this responsibility has to be there for every employee. The relation ship is One employee can have Many Responsibilities and One Responsibility can be assigned to many employees, so it’s M
      :M, hope it helps.