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What is difference between Siebel Browser Script and Server Script?

Execution Context:

  • Siebel Server Scripts are executed in Siebel Application Servers by Application Object Manager (AOM).
  • Siebel Browser Scripts are executed at Client Side by Client Browser (Internet Explorer)


  • Siebel Browser Scripts are converted in JS (Java Script) files and stored in PUBLIC\ENU directory.
  • No JS files are created for Server Scripts and they are executing using Siebel Scripting Engine either T or ST engine depending of Siebel version.
  • Sunny

    Could some body pls tell me when we have to use Browser Script and when we have to use Server Script?

    • Durgagad

      If the method controls the behavior of an applet.e.g:Its enabling a button or hiding/showing list columns or controls write the script at the applet server level.

      If the method faciliates interaction with the client desktop or communication with  the user make the script an applet browser script.

  • Anoyn

    Sunny i assume that u know the basic diff..of this never mind.. if we dig more in to it.
    In many cases Browser Script does not support lot of built in functions but where as server script do support many built in functions.

  • Ravindarreddy

    Diffrence bitween Siebel 8.0 & 8.1