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A-Z of Testing

This is a list of terms using in testing starting from A to Z hence named appropriately as A2Z testing. This list has been prepared by Shilpi Chopra who has been work experience of 3 years in testing. It can be really handy if you are preparing for interview and work in testing.

What is difference between Incremental Compile and Full Compile?

Incremental Compile: When we select a single object (BC, Applet etc), several objects (Multiple BC, Applets, BO etc), single project or several projects to compile in an existing SRF file that is known as Incremental Compile. Full Compile: When you compile all the projects in a SRF file that is known as Full Compile.

How to update a field based on change in another field?

How to update a field based on change in another field? OR How to update a field when another field is updated?

User-Contact and an Employee in Siebel

What is the difference between a User, Contact and an Employee? The answer to this question is subjective hence open to manipulation based on personal perception.  Here is my version of the answer of this question.

What are different types of toggle applets available in siebel?

There are two types of toggle applet available in Siebel: Static Toggle Applet: Which provides ability to user to manually select the applet that he wants to see from a dropdown list. Dynamic Toggle Applet: In which applets are changed automatically based on a field value.

Updating Multiple Records via Workflow

I am back with an interesting interview question that I have been asking in past few interviews that I have taken and surprisingly nobody has been able to answer it correctly. It is quite a simple question and answer is even simpler but people are just not aware of it. Question: Create a workflow that… Continue Reading

What are Sessions and Batches?

Session:  A Session is a set of instructions that tells the Informatica Server how and when to move data from Source to Target. After creating the session, we can use either the server manager or the command line program pmcmd to start or stop the session.

What is the primary purpose of using surrogate key?

What is the primary purpose of using surrogate key? Will those be used in fact tables? If not then what is the purpose in using it? Answer:

What are different types of tables in Siebel?

Tables in Siebel can be broadly classified into two types Repository Tables Data Tables

Different methods of invoking workflow ?

Question: What is difference between invoking a workflow through: Run Process on the Server “(Administration – Server Management > Jobs)” Run process using business service “Workflow Process Manager (Server Request)”  Run process in application object manager using business service “Workflow Process Manager” Answer: