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difference between External and Internal IO?

Following are the differences between Internal and External Integration Objects

Base Object Type:

  • Internal Integration Object has base type as Siebel Business Object
  • External Integration Object has base type as XML

 EAI Siebel Adapter – Query Method:

  • Internal Integration Object is used in Query Method of EAI Siebel Adapter BS.
  • External Integration Object cannot be used with Query method of EAI Siebel Adapter BS.


  • Internal Integration Object is usually create through EAI Siebel Wizard
  • External Integration Object is usually created while importing an External WSDL
  • Nirmala84

    Could you please explain with scenario in which instances External IO is used and in which instance Internal IO is used??


    • Vipin

      Hi Nirmala,

      The Internal IO is used when you want to enter data into siebel or query from Siebel(basically you are mapping data to the Siebel format), whereas external IO is used to Map data according to te external system structure, so you can’t Insert or query data with External IO.In case your exteral is excepting the siebel format they there is no need for external IO and you can directly send the structure to external system.

      • Shivam201

        supoose external system want 5 field from siebel .So how External system will send the siebel that i need these 5 field some request ?? and 2ndly how siebel will reply (use of integration object)

        • Icemanf58

          external system will send the wsdl which has the details about the 5 fields under which applet etc,,so first import it and then make changes to ur internal IO and send