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EAI Scenario Question – 1

We are getting a XML from external System. We want to make sure that the record is inserted every time. If there is already an existing record in Siebel then nothing should happen.


When we get an XML from external System. If a record with received data is not present in Siebel then it should be inserted and if record is already present in Siebel then nothing should happen.


On Integration Object that you are going to use for this integration, create “NoUpdate” user property with value as ‘Y’ on all Integration Component instance present in that Integration Object.
Use Upsert method available in EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service.

Due to NoUpdate user property if record is found nothing will be updated and if record is not found then it will be inserted.

  • NP

    Can someone explain why “Insert Method” in EAI Siebel Adapter Business Service will not acheive this? My understanding is that Insert will insert new record if no match is found and reject if otherwise.

    • Bmeajay

      NP..did u get answer for ur question? I am also having the same doubt

  • neel

    The only difference is that with insert method you will get error if a record is found and with “NoUpdate” property you will not get an error.

  • NP

    Thanks Neel!

  • Srikanth

    I think even with upsert method and Noupdate user property, you still get error. You need to add another IC UP ‘IgnorePermissionErrors
    OnUpdate,’ to suppress error for update.

  • Aleksandr

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