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What is the Use of Providing BusObject in the Workflows?

Business Objects in workflows help you maintain the context and use Siebel Operation Steps inside workflows. You will not be able to use Siebel Query, Insert, Update step if you don’t provide Business Object in Siebel Workflows.

When you execute a workflow through runtime event or a user property then the active Business Object context is passed to the workflow which allows workflow to work on any child business component records without actually need to query on the BC.

Below given link will provide an example of such behavior–-scriptless-siebel/

P.S: Data Validation Manager (DVM) works similarly using Active BO context

  • SreeHarsha GV
  • jp

    What if I am using Siebel Operation in WF in BO-1 And Siebel Operation is on BC-1 and BC-2 and Only BC-1 exists in BO-1.?

    • shivprateek

      well one thing you cannot perform siebel operation on 2 BC simultaneously you need 2 separte steps for that and second you can only perform siebel operation on bc with context to the BO of the WF , so you do need to add the 2nd bc to th BO for performing ur operation on it .

      • Sangokul1

        How to configure link for 2nd bc to first bo?how to find primary and FK?

      • Xera

        There is one more way to UPDATE the BC not based on the Workflow's BO. Use the BS “Inbound E-mail Database Operations”. There is a hidden method called “UpdateRecord”. Give Inputs as “BusComp” – name of your BC. “BusObj” – Name of the BO . “Id” Object Id(as per requirement)
        “Field:[FieldName]” – The field to be updated.

  • SD

    I have a question about WorkFlow Policy Conditions. It might not match the context you guys are discussing her but let me tell. Suppose There is a WF Policy (ABC WorkFlow Policy) in the context of ABC object. ABC object has total 100 fields but we can see only 90 fields in the Condition Fields. So question is that what could be possible reasons behind the disappearance of those 10 fields from Condition ?

  • ravi

    we have so many applications is there? why are you using sibel callcenter application

  • Chary

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